Used Cars For Sale in Philippines - Financing Offer at Low Interest 1.3%!

To help clients looking to buy second hand car, here's our list of used cars for sale in the Philippines. Go find one from our list of sulit cars and ask us for more auto details from promos, discounted price, dealer negotiations, used car financing application and more.


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See Our Second Hand / Used Cars for Sale Showroom

Our list of used cars for sale are from different car dealers and private or individual sellers too. You can also find them elsewhere online being advertised in different online classifieds like Sulit / Olx, Ayosdito, Car Finder, Buy and Sell and more.

We are just merely making them all readily and easily available for our buyers to choose from so we can get to process your second hand car financing through our affiliated lending company providers. This is at your own convenience of course. Just click on an image car to see the list.


















For used car financing, please visit here.

If you already have a chosen car, please visit here.

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Second Hand Car to Buy

I've served thousands of second hand car buyers all over the country. Being a top loan consultant for collateral loans (including real estate loan) to different lending companies, I know how it works in terms of getting the most out of your loan. I can give you the lowest possible interest rate offer.

First and most importantly, when you choose the best used cars for sale, there are techniques that all dealers use. Remember these car dealers are the ones who buy auto and sell them for profit and as far as I know, none of them would want to invest and lose money along the way. So they are your best destination when it comes to asking which car is best. Now, unless they are looking to scam you out or is not really telling the truth, chances are they can give you the best used car there is in their showroom.

Secondly, if you really want to know how to choose the best used cars for sale in a showroom here are a few very useful tips. I hope to help you so we can go ahead with our transaction to get your next car financed through our lending company affiliates and providers here at Fast Loan Philippines. Practically, this is how I earn and I'd like to help you get the best car deal in your process.

Our Tips for Choosing the Best Used Car in the Showroom or Online:

  1. Hire or bring someone you know who knows so much about car troubles or is an expert mechanic in cars.
  2. Never just ask your car dealer unless you know him or her personally. You might end up with a "for dispatch" car if you make this mistake.
  3. Test drive
  4. Inspect physically and carefully. All cars that end up in a dealer's showroom gets a makeover via auto detailing and you have to do your job and use your senses to your advantage.
  5. Never go for a price or a brand separately. Always consider both but be specific. Ex. I want a Toyota Fortuner at a price of 400K pesos. Use that as a base figure to find the best offer.
  6. Search all online classifieds and take note of the price, plate number, color, seller area and the like. You might just find the actual private seller or owner of the car you want to buy and you can absolutely get it at a much much lower price buying it directly from the owner than from a dealer's showroom. (here at, we make sure to post the price from the owners themselves so you can buy it at the lowest price possible).
  7. Do your own canvassing and make a list of contact numbers of sellers, dealers, private sellers and note of their respective offers or discounts as well as their specific cars that you've asked about to compare later.
  8. Find a comparison site - if you are lucky enough to find one, you can sure use it to your advantage.

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