Car Impounding Loan - Get Cash in 1-3 Hours No Income Needed with Less Fees and Requirements

Compared to car loan without taking your car, car impounding loan gives the borrower a faster choice in getting cash in exchange for an auto to use as collateral. With very minimal and easy to produce requirements, a short term of as quick as 3 months is made available as a choice for the loan applicant. Provided that he or she is willing to have the vehicle surrendered to the lending company, all else will be a breeze with respect to processing duration which usually takes from 1-3 hours only.

Car Impounding Vs Car Loan Without Taking Your Car

Try to balance the pros and cons by looking at our own comparison chart below revealing important factors to consider by the borrower when applying for car loan in the Philippines thru our Fast Loan service.

3 Biggest Charges in Car Loan:

In case you didn't know it, there are basically 3 different big charges incurred and deducted in your loan for car loan in the Philippines when you apply and get approved of one using your auto as collateral. On the other hand, car impounding loan tends to be different with our private financier. They charge you less. Try to see below:

  1. Chattel Mortgage Fee
  2. Loan Redemption Insurance
  3. Processing Fee

You can start comparing by looking at these 3 big charges below.

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Email application form to

Car Impounding

Without Taking Car

Fees to Be Collected:

  • No C.I. Fee
  • With LTO Fee
  • No Chattel Mortgage Fee
  • With Processing Fee
  • No Loan Redemption Insurance Fee


  1. Original OR CR
  2. No Income Needed
  3. Original Electric or Water Bill (both borrower and co maker)
  4. No Co Borrower required to present
  5. Car Is Required to be Surrendered
  6. With court case and c map is OK or other legal problems

Processing Time:

  • 1-3 Hrs no Checking Account need (possible 1 hour if few applicants)

Loan Term and Amount:

  • Guaranteed Bigger Loanable Amount - Up to 70% FMV
  • 3 Months Minimum / 2 Years Maximum

Fees to Be Collected:

  • No C.I. Fee
  • No LTO Fee
  • With Chattel Mortgage Fee
  • With Processing Fee
  • With Loan Redemption Insurance Fee


  1. Original OR CR
  2. Need to Have Income
  3. Original Electric or Water Bill (both borrower and co maker)
  4. 1 Co Borrower w/ Income if Borrower Had No Income
  5. Car Is Not Required to Surrender
  6. Subject for disapproval if with c map or court case

Processing Time:

  • 2-3 Days if with Checking Account (possible 1 day if few applicants)

Loan Term and Amount:

  • Guaranteed Bigger Loanable Amount - Up to 80% FMV
  • 6 Months Minimum / 3 Years Maximum

Car Impounding Loan Application Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


FAQs Regarding Car Impounding Loan Application, Fees/ Charges and Processing

Different loan borrowers have different prerogatives and reasons why they want to borrow money from a lender. These lendees have to be listened to in order to meet halfway with providing a good experience and service with a loan application. As a qualified top loan consultant who is duly accredited to multiple legitimate lending companies and banks in the Philippines, I know how it works. I can give outright assurance if an application had bigger chance of approval or if it might get disapproved / declined. I have my own process of pre qualification and analysis and I've learned to perfect this process with more than 3 years of experience assisting hundreds of car loan applicants in the country.

Apart from the comparison above, you have to use a loan calculator to realize and come up with a huge advantage seeing marginal difference in loan fees and charges at the end of the loan application and approval. Try to apply with 2 lenders and you'll know it.

Loanable amount is also vast when we speak of range of choices with a car impounding loan vs the OR CR loan or car loan without taking your car option.The reason? Lenders give priority to car impounding loan applicants because they have the car surrendered to them which is actually what car collateral loan is all about in the first place. Furthermore, lending companies won't even have to mortgage the car. A memorandum of agreement or MOA contract is all both parties need to sign. This way, no additional fees will be collected like a possible waiving of the C.I. fee and mortgage fee with the Registry of Deeds (RD or LRA).

While our best effort is made to explain to our clients the different advantages for availing of this type of collateral loan in the Philippines, we deem it best to show what convenience car loan impounding can offer using a question and answer format with our list of FAQs  below. This way, we may be able to make it clear why we strongly suggest this type of loan to specifically qualified lendees.

1.) How to apply for car impounding loan?

  • We've made application simple. You can do this is in 3 ways. -  1.) Fill up our online form below 2.) Call us to undergo 1-3 minute pre-qualifying interview using our hotline telephone numbers in Contact Us 3.) Send us an email inquiry with your mobile phone number indicated so we can call you ASAP.

2.) How do I qualify to apply?

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have a fully owned car (not under financing or mortgage with bank or any financing company)
  • Must pass the 1-3 minute pre-qualification interview
  • Must be willing to be assisted and sign our agreement for us to be your loan consultant / agent (our service is free)
  • Must be willing to agree by the terms, conditions and pay via loan deduction, the fees and charges of the lending company provider
  • Must be willing to subject the car for impounding
  • Can provide 1 co maker / co borrower living in own house (may be immediate family member or relative or close friend0
  • Have complete set of requirements as stated above
  • If don't have own checking account, must be willing to be referred to an affiliated bank by the lending company

3.) How much loanable amount may be approved of my car?

  • Loan amount is influenced by so many factors. Basically, via car impounding loan, the possible amount of money a car owner can borrow ranges from 40% - 70% of its fair market value. FMV is derived from the prevailing sale price of the car and it's respective year model. Other factors that may affect low or high amount of loan are - physical condition and appearance / mileage / income or capacity to pay for the loan and expenses to be declared. Computation is done using a car loan calculator.

4.) What is the loan payment term?

  • Payment of loan ranges from 3 months minimum to 2 years maximum.

5.) What is the mode of payment?

  • Payment can only be done via issuance of a post-dated cheque. If you don't have PDC, our provider will refer you to an affiliated bank to apply. Don't worry, it takes just a few minutes.

6.) How to contact us?

7.) Do you accept applicants from military, media, muslim brothers and other similar personnel?

  • Yes we do. In fact we have a long list of borrowers on our database that we accept and can qualify while private lending companies and banks disapprove and disallow. (see list below)
  1. Foreigners
  2. Muslim brothers
  3. Politicians
  4. Lawyers
  5. Military personnel
  6. Media personnel
  7. Police officers
  8. Borrowers who don't have income
  9. Borrowers with bad credit status in bank
  10. Borrowers with c-map (credit map)
  11. Borrowers with court cases
  12. Borrowers with unpaid credit cards and sum of money cases
  13. Borrowers who can't qualify to banks and private lending companies
  14. Borrowers who only have open deed of sale or any form of deed of sale
  15. Borrowers with SPA under red ribbon or notarized SPA whose original car owners are here in the Philippines
  16. Over aged and senior citizen borrowers
  17. Borrowers declined and disapproved from application with bank or other lending companies
  18. ...... and more (just call us to inquire about car impounding loan using our contact numbers below)

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