Buy New Car Loan Promo - Compare Prices for All-In Low Down Financing + Freebies

Buying auto via new car loan financing? Need to know the latest new car loan promo available in the Philippines? Whichever brand or make and whatever low price offer all-in down payment promos available, we have it featured here. See our list of freebies and extra amenities to get when you opt in to buy via car financing. See mortgage financing provider options, offers, prices and get quotation in just one application. For 2nd hand or used car financing, please visit HERE.

Compare prices now and get a free quote with us.

Available Brands for New Car Loan Promo

List of Available Brands Below

(click to appreciate and see details)

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Ford
  • Suzuki
  • Mazda
  • Peugeot
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Nissan
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Lexus
  • Lotus
  • Mini Cooper
  • Chery



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Top 10 Tips in Buying Auto Via New Car Loan Promo Financing from Auto Dealers and Companies

Different providers offer different convenience for car buyers who would like to have their purchase undergo car financing. If you are dead serious in getting the best deal ever, these tips will help you.

  1. Don't walk-in, ask for personalized assistance from a duly accredited and authorized agent. You can't imagine how much convenience it will offer you in the long run until you fail to get one.
  2. Have at least 2 agents assist you from the same car company. When they notice you are making a wise canvass, the competition will bring you closer to a lower price offer in all aspects of your new car loan promo.
  3. Be persistent and always ask politely on the cheapest (All-In) down payment available.
  4. Ask for available FREEBIES and compare each free amenity price later. Be sure to have your freebies labelled with the corresponding price so you know how much you are saving.
  5. Ask for a FREE quotation from the same car company but with different branches of dealers.
  6. Use the power of canvassing and make a point with each dealer. Tell them you have been given quote from another branch and you need to compare. The competition will give you the edge later and you'll be surprised at how low they can be when dealers learn you've been canvassing.
  7. Present quotation from other brands. Let them compete with other offers by showing them what you've been given by the other car companies. This will give new car dealers that you are a super duper wise buyer.
  8. Financing company - Make sure to get quotation from in-house financing offers as well as bank financing companies. Comparing prices will be easier and this will help you arrive at the lowest monthly premium amortization possible for your new car loan promo find.
  9. Get a quote from private lenders. I know a few private financing companies like Asian Cathay or First Standard Finance who offers a competitive rate. Just in case, be sure to take notice of the price difference.
  10. Decide only after you've piled up all your canvassing data. Have someone help you analyze via a coffee conversation or a brunch.

Top 10 Do's and Don't When Buying New Car via Financing or Cash

If you are on your way to buy a new car via cash basis, you'll be surprised at how low the price can be. You will also see how much you can save compared to buying via car loan financing. Whether you are buying a new auto or used vehicle, they both have almost the same aspects so we strongly suggest that you read this post.

Top 10 Do's in Buying New Car

  1. Do udergo a pre-qualification interview
  2. Do know if you have the complete set of documentary requirements available
  3. Do canvass using online search
  4. Do get assistance from a qualified professional agent or authorized marketing personnel
  5. Do communicate with your agent
  6. Do ask for deals and promos available for grab
  7. Do make sure you have your own checking account (this will be used for mode of payment)
  8. Do prepare photocopied documents (as well as all original) prior to application
  9. Do ask for multiple quotations from different authorized dealers, private financing companies and banks to maximize your choices
  10.  Do read the loan contract upon approval and before availing to buy you new car. If you don't understand anything, have the right people explain it to you first.

Top 10 Dont's in Buying New Car

  1. Don't rush a buy. Take time to make a canvass
  2. Don't fail to compare your data before a financing option is up
  3. Don't forget to find as much financing companies as you can for your quotation
  4. Don't buy the words of your agent for a new car loan promo offer
  5. Don't forget to communicate with your loan agent as much as you can for updates
  6. Don't forget to have a specific car in mind. Just use other brands to show to your dealers a comparison so you can arrive later at the lowest possible price deal
  7. Don't forget to have a second option of car make or brand and never stick to a specific model
  8. Don't forget to show only data you have gathered out of your canvassing when needed
  9. Don't under estimate the capability of in-house marketing agents. They will lure you to buying fast so they can come up with a higher commission later.
  10. Don't forget to ask, ask, ask!

Top Financing Providers Who Offer New Car Loan Promo in the Philippines

Although banks are the usual first destination for almost all buyers of new car, there may be a few cases where it is more advisable to go for a private financing company. The reason may not be so obvious but the figures will tell it. Bottomline? Be sure to make a thorough comparison before your finally decide to buy. If you do not have time to do that personally, then settle for the best option you have via making a few calls.

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