Seaman Loan Requirements - Philippines OFW Lending

OFW seafarers are special borrowers. So here is the list of seaman loan requirements that are easy to produce for our lending offer in the Philippines.

We only require to submit photocopy of documents.

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We have listed the basic papers that a sailor will need before applying as well as how to pre-qualify to get 1 day release loan with lowest interest rate. Please prepare and photocopy all documents before reporting to apply for fast loan release / turnover.

Who May Apply for Seaman Loan?

We have different providers from banks to private lending companies so OFW sailors are guaranteed to have choices with us starting from our lowest rate. Being duly accredited by lending companies, we were able to serve it by letting these personal, no-collateral loan providers in the Philippines compete directly through our offer. It's like calling all of them in 1 dial of any of our hotline numbers.

  • Seaman with complete latest documents from their manning agency.
  • Seafarers with latest POEA-validated contract and OEC.
  • First time embarking sailors.
  • We accept applicants and invite bad credit seaman to apply to us. We can find a provider for you through our large list of affiliates.
  • We accept seaman with no available co-borrower / co-maker
  • We accept borrowers who have special cases like cancelled credit card and closed bank checking accounts as well as those who have BP-22 case (bounced check) or replevin case (re-possessed property from car to house and lot).

9 Basic Seaman Loan Requirements

Please note that these basic documents are just generic requirements by lending companies and banks. Additional requirements may be asked to be produced depending upon the presented pre-qualifying papers to the credit approval committee or officers.

  1. Completely filled up seaman loan application form
  2. Latest POEA-validated contract
  3. Updated and valid passport
  4. Seaman's Registration Certificate (SRC)
  5. Seaman Book
  6. Newest allotment slip / certificate
  7. Marriage contract (if married)
  8. OEC (overseas employment certificate) from POEA
  9. Original proof of billing (we only accept MERALCO or NAWASA bill) (not necessarily under borrower's name but must have same address as valid IDs)

In case you don't have any of the listed requirements or is having a problem producing complete set of documents, ask me. Visit our Contact Us page to know your alternative options.


Call to ask on a loan product – Sam Casuncad (loan consultant)
home office phone: 542-8105 (Cherry or Vina) / 542 7015 (Sam)
Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532
Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335
Globe No 0905 - 4249367 (Vina) / 0917 – 5019245 (Sam)
Email us at

How to Pre-Qualify for Seaman Personal Loan?

Each seafarer have a unique status, a different case as a borrower. Apart from making sure that all seaman loan requirements are in hand, in this case, pre-qualifying is always a first step for us here at Fast Loan Philippines. It is the most important procedure and we give high priority of making sure clients undergo this to avoid wasting time only to find out an applicant or loan borrower is not qualified in the end.

To pre-qualify, please call us. We would be willing to ask you questions which will help us and you to know which provider fits your unique case. We promise this will only take a few minutes of your time.

To skip pre-qualification, you may directly apply by filling up our online application form below.

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