Puregold Loan - Salary Loan Financing and Lending Company Philippines

Ideal for bad credit and people with C map or cancelled credit cards, Puregold loan is absolutely a must try for being in demand for locally employed low salary workers. To apply, please contact us now.

If you are looking for a lending company to borrow money or get extension credit using your employment (salary loan), this local lending company in the Philippines is worth the check.

Accredited loan agents from Puregold financing company usually offer lowest interest comparable to bank personal loans but a bit higher in interest rate due to its characteristic of being a private firm offering loans to locally employed manpower population.

Puregold Loan Requirements for Salary Loan

Different lending companies that offer personal loan in the Philippines have different set of documentary requirements. Puregold has its own and since they don't have any website as of this time, we would like to list down what you will need as well as the different terms and conditions to qualify to apply for the salary loan below.


  1. Original Certificate of Employment
  2. Latest 1 Month Payslip
  3. Photocopy of Company ID & SSS ID (back to back)
  4. Proof Of Billing Address (Utility Bills)
  5. 1 Pc. 2x2 Picture
  6. Bank Statement (Checking Current Account)
  7. 1 Co-borrower then must submit also the list of requirements stated in 1, 3 and 5 respectively

Who Qualifies to Apply for this Loan?

It is really easy to qualify for this type of loan. All you have to make sure is that you have all the listed requirements above and you are a regular employee for at least 1 year with your company receiving a certain amount of income which may be proven through your payslip.

Puregold Financing, at the time of writing of this article doesn't have clients undergo c-map or C.I. (credit investigation) as part of the processing of the loan application but those with good credit standards from bank or credit cards will always have the advantage of faster approval at a possible 1 day release with lowest interest rate.

Charges, Interest Rates and Puregold Loan Payment Terms

Charges and fees for processing personal loan or salary loan with Puregold only incur minimal charges, to know how much the fees will be, please contact us or fill up our online loan application form below.

Interest rates are discussed upon loan application approval which usually takes about 2-3 days and in some cases, a week depending upon the level of participation, communication and cooperation of the loan borrower with the agent or the lending company.

Loan payment terms are one of the most flexible at 3-12 months depending upon the applicant's desire to pay, contract or the lending company's approval.

Loanable amount may range from 10,000 - 500,000 pesos depending upon influencing factors such as salary, contract, employment tenure (years of employment) and company. Those who belong to the top 100 corporations in the Philippines have the edge of getting higher or bigger loan amount approval in their application.

Borrowers have the last say and choice on how much money to borrow based upon the final approved amount by Puregold loan company approving officers which may be the exact approved loanable amount and below but not exceeding the value stated in the approval notice.

Please Fill Up Puregold Loan Application Form for Faster Processing

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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