Placement Fee Loan - Free OFW Cash Loan Assistance in the Philippines Only 1.99% in 2018

Although according to the new Philippine lending law, OFW placement fee loan must not be catered to overseas Filipino workers, private lenders as well as bank lending companies still allow application for the OFW loan.








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OWWA Loan and the New Philippine Lending Act on Placement Fee Loan

This is provided of course that the borrower must not disclose that the loan will be used for purposes of paying the placement fee. It could be for visa or for cash extension for family or for business purposes. OWWA on the other hand is offering loan for OFWs who would like to get cash for business startup assistance.

Currently, it may be punishable by law to a certain degree if caught offering such or simply by trying to use the word "placement fee loan" as part of an advertisement or offer to lure Pinoys going abroad to apply for quick cash so I would like to redirect OFWs who are interested to get extra fast cash loan to leave for family to apply instead for the OFW loan we offer.

Banks and Private Lending Companies Offering OFW Loan in the Philippines

There are literally so many lenders from the private sector as well as bank finciers accepting application of OFW loan. If you want to make a canvass from their respective interest rates to processing fees and charges to see which one offers lowest interest, I would like to inform you that banks would absolutely win it.

The only disadvantage for bank processing is the time frame it will take to get approval for your placement fee loan application. Private lending companies in the Philippines offer much more convenient and faster cash loan turnover compared to banks. Below is our own list including their particular fees and charges as well as interest rates.

Other Loan Options for OFW

Very few overseas Filipino workers actually know their options of borrowing money from lending companies in the Philippines. This might be due back a few years from now to lack of access to online information and the internet. But today, that was already made a breeze if you know how to search and know you way with resources that are vastly available online. To ease out the need to search, we are providing our own list of cash loan providers as well as their respective loan offers.

So to help the workforce population looking to work abroad realize there are a lot of options to get cash whether it be from collateral or non-collateral loan or whether financing firms would require a co-borrower / co-maker or not. Fact is, there are a few more that you can't come up anywhere else, just from us here at Fast Loan Philippines.

Please note that the other loan options listed below

Car Loan Without Taking Car -

Placement Fee Loan Requirements and Prequalifying Procedures

To be legible to apply for this type of loan, all you have to is make sure you have the complete list of basic documentary requirements and undergo a pre-qualifying interview with your loan agent.

If you like, you can contact us to do that for you. In the meantime, below is a shortlist of the documents you will need to qualify to apply for this loan.

  1. Completely filled up OFW loan application form - download it here.
  2. OFW documents - visa, plane ticket, POEA-validated contract / balik manggagawa / OFW info sheet (first timer), OEC and original electric or water bill (may not be under your name but must have same address as your 2 valid primary IDs.
  3. 1 co-borrower / co-maker with income. If spouse is used, no need to have income
  4. Co-borrower will need 2 valid primary IDs and proof of income (if not spouse)
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