PVAO Loan - Philippine Retired AFP Pensioners Personal Loan (Credit)

In aid of helping Philippine Veterans Affairs Office pensioners, the PVAO loan is born for war veterans. Originally offered by rural banks and small bank players in the lending industry in the Philippines, a low interest type of credit is being extended to qualified retirees of the military in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

This type of unsecured non collateral pension loan is basically a credit offer where pensioners can get upfront cash in exchange for future monthly pension claims either through ATM or passbook via the AFP PVAO. (full photo credits to http://www.pvao.mil.ph/)

PVAO Logo / Emblem

Features, Mechanics and How to Qualify and Apply for PVAO Loan

To qualify, you have to be receiving your monthly pension and is willing to surrender your bank passbook where your pension is credited regularly. You have to sign a contract disclosing your willingness to mortgage your right to receive your monthly pension in the future for a certain period contracted by you and the loan provider of your choice.

How to Qualify:

In order to qualify, you have to simply come over to the bank or private lending provider and bring your passbook and basic documentary requirements.

PVAO Loan Features:

  • Can be accessed by PVAO pensioners;
  • Loan amount is up to Php 50,000.00;
  • Loan term is up to one year;
  • Mode of payment is monthly;
  • With comparatively low interest and no service charge / processing fee

Terms of Payment:

  1. Maximum of twenty (24) months maturity.
  2. Monthly amortization based on equal monthly payments
  3. Re-availment of loan after paying 50% of the original amount is available

Loan Requirement for Pensioners Receiving Money through ATM:

  1. ATM Card
  2. Statement of Account for the last twelve (12) months
  3. Residence Certificates (current year) or any valid ID of borrower, co-borrower and co-makers (photocopy)
  4. 2” x 2” ID pictures (borrower/co-borrower)
  5. Sketch of residence of Borrower

Philippine Veterans Affairs Office Resources

If you are a military (AFP) pensioner, you might want to become one of the members through their official facebook page which you can visit here - https://www.facebook.com/PVAO1. If you dont' still have a facebook account, you can sign up here.

Call to inquire about Loan – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 7015 (Sam) / 542 8105 (Vina/Marga)
Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532
Smart Cellular No 0939 - 9269335
Globe No 0905 – 4249367 (with Viber, IMO and Whatsapp)
Email application form to info.fastloanph@gmail.com / info.ofwloan@gmail.com

Private Lending Companies and Banks Offering PVAO Loan

There are different banks, rural banks and local Philippine banks that offer this type of loan to retired pensioners of the military. Below is the list we have come up with while searching online using the internet. You can also find private lenders out there willing to extend fast cash credit if you are a qualified member. See our list below.

Bank Lenders and their Hotline Contact Numbers:

  1. FICO Bank - Call : (078) 634-5258 / 634-5390 / 634-5260 / 307-2675 / 307-3364 e-mail : bdd@ficobank.com Skype : ficobank.bdd
  2. Rural Bank of Rosario - RBR Building / Poblacion, National Highway, Rosario, La Union 2506 / Tel/Fax No.: (072) 687-0032
    (072) 687-0239  (072) 687-0326 / Email: rbrho@ruralbankofrosario.com / Gen. Manager: Virginia D. Basco
  3. Veterans Bank - call: Mike Villa-Real (Vice-President) Corporate Communications and Marketing Services Dept. Tel: 902-1670 / Email: mcvillareal@veteransbank.com.ph
  4. Golden Harvest Pensioners Loan - Address: Quirino Highway
    Quezon City Metro Manila / Tel: 023452541
  5. Rural Bank of Agoo - Qualified Borrowers: Any Filipino citizen residing in a place, preferably within the territorial jurisdiction of the Bank; must not be more than sixty-nine (69) years of age; Pensioners who are receiving their monthly SSS pension through their Savings Account Deposit with the Rural Bank of Agoo, Inc. or through Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Amount of Loan: Maximum amount of loan to be granted shall be 25% of the gross monthly pension times six (6) Terms: Minimum allowable terms shall be from six (6) months up to a maximum of one (1) year Mode of Payment: Amortization payment shall be based on equal monthly payments / Address and Contact Details: Consolacion, Agoo, La Union, Philippines Tel. No. (072) 521-2254 / 521-0059 | Smart: 0929-270-7907 / Globe: 0916-612-9208 / Email: rbagoo@rbap.org
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