OFW Migrant Loan - Fast Credit for Resident, Naturalized Citizen And Workers with Working Visa

As early as year 2004, the OFW migrant loan has been offered by one of our private lending company provider. Today, it is being reopened for the benefit of resident citizens, naturalized citizens and overseas workers with working visa who have regular jobs abroad. This is also a type of OFW loan with no collateral who belong to a different criteria.

Qualifications are made very easy to comprehend and understand and only basic documents will be required to submit to qualify to apply. Processing time has also been made faster to come up with quick cash loan for emergency use here in the Philippines while a loved one is working or living abroad as citizens. Find out below how to qualify.

If you're an OFW who is just about to go abroad and have the complete documentary requirements, visit here - http://www.fastloanph.com/ofw-loan.html to apply for OFW loan instead of migrant worker loan.








Apply Online - Fill Up Our Application Form Below

There is always an express way to apply for the OFW migrant loan in the Philippines if you think you can qualify based from Philippine lending company standards. One is the go fill up our online application form below. We promise to expedite and respond to your application inquiry ASAP.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
With Common Law Spouse

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Who Can Qualify for OFW Migrant Loan? How Much Approval Amount?

Possible loanable amount or approval loan to avail is up to 2x or 200% of the OFW basic salary stated in the latest contract or COE (certificate of employment) issued from principal company abroad.

  1. OFW with working visa, immigrant, resident and naturalized citizens can qualify to apply thru their respective allottee recipients in the Philippines. This allottee can be a wife (asawa), common law wife with kids (kinakasama na may anak), parent (magulang) or sibbling (kapatid)
  2. Basically, all the OFW needs is to have a regular job that pays at a combined or gross salary (not basic) of 50K pesos in order to qualify to apply for the OFW migrant loan. Apart from that, a special qualification is set such as those who are living and working abroad as naturalized citizen, immigrant, resident and with working visa.
  3. If you are working in a first world country, all positions are qualified. For non 1st world countries and Middle East workers, only skilled and professional positions are qualified to apply.
  4. No need to be OWWA-certified.
  5. Must have Viber or Roaming Number or Facebook Chat or Whatsapp or Google Hangouts Chat for personal interview and communication

Reminder: (Approval Amount)

Loan approval amount is based from a basic loan calculator will be as much as or maximum of 2x or 200% of basic salary - including overtime pays, hazzard pay, allowances etc.

How to Apply for this OFW Loan

In order to apply for this non collateral loan in the Philippines below are the standard qualifications.

Please be reminded this type of loan offer is different from what OFWs are searching for online - OWWA loan which literally takes months to get an approval.

This one only takes 2-3 days if the loan borrower had all requirements and have passed the criteria set by the private lending company provider of Fast Loan Philippines.

  1. You must have a loved one immediate family member working abroad with a regular job and working visa. The OFW must be either a naturalized citizen, migrant worker or resident citizen.
  2. The salary of the OFW must equate to at least 30K pesos equivalent of basic salary - all incentives and extra pays stated in contract may be computed to qualify.
  3. Must be able to provide a co-borrower immediate family member (kahit walang income)  or relative with regular source of income.
  4. Must have at least 3 months proof of remittance in black and white documentation or 3 months latest payslip.
  5. Must be able to provide complete set of requirements listed below.
  6. Must sign an authorization letter to coborrower allowing him or her to apply for the loan.
  7. Must have any social media or cellphone application or live chat for live personal interview and communication way.

(Overseas Filipino Worker) OFW Migrant Loan Requirements

Different fast loans offered for quick cash in the Philippines have respective documentary requirements. A loan borrower must submit these documents before any process takes place. Below is the list for migrant worker loan (OFWs).

Basic Requirements:

  • Certificate of Employment with compensation or Contract
  • Company ID
  • Passport with signature and with latest exit & arrival stamp
  • Valid Visa / Work Permit
  • International Roaming #, FB, Email, Whatsapp or Viber
  • Letter of Intent/Authorization ( for loan application )
  • Filled up Application Form Online and Signed downloadable Promissory Note

Co Borrower Option #1:

  • Spouse, Common-law with children, Parents and Siblings
  • Sign Application Form
  • 2 valid id's and 2x2 picture
  • Electric / Water Bill Latest
  • Latest 3 months proof of remittance

Co-borrower Option #2:

  • Relative with income - proof of income
  • Sign Application Form
  • 2 valid id's and 2x2 picture
  • Electric / Water Bill Latest
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