New Toyota Financing - All In Low Down Payment with Freebies Promo

Buying a new Toyota car from any dealer? We offer new Toyota financing via banks and TFS (Toyota Financial Services) all in low down payment promo with included freebies. Currently catering to all branches all over the Philippines, we give you discounts and low interest rates for any new Toyota you buy via loan or financing to our in-house lending program or banks. You can read our tips here.

We can get you approved in no time plus no need to wait. You will know outright if there are available units you can get without the need to fall in line due to Uber and Grab car owner purchase. See our list of the latest model Toyota cars below with complete amenities, freebies, color choices, lowest possible quotation options for 20%, 30% and bigger down payments. You may use our online loan calculator before buying your dream car too.

We also cater and give you the widest application choices for any branch anywhere you may be in the Philippines for as long as we have your dealer choice listed in our directory. Plus, we don't charge you with any fees because we are in-house. Yes!, we guarantee you zero agent's fee here. So why buy elsewhere when we can bring you what you want and what you need right in your fingertips?

Inquire now! Fill up our online application form below so we can pre-qualify and call you as soon as we receive your inquiry.

New Toyota Financing 2016 Year Model Car Choices

New Toyota Financing Unit Choices

The choice is yours whichever type of new Toyota car you want to buy via TFS or bank financing. We just give you the best and lowest down payment choice possible thru free quotation. We also help make sure you get all the freebies being given by the company to all customers regardless of what unit they want to buy. Choose below.


  • Camry
  • Corolla Altis
  • Vios
  • Wigo
  • Yaris


  • FJ Cruiser
  • Prado
  • Fortuner
  • Sequoia
  • Land Cruiser


  • Innova
  • Avanza


  • Hi Ace Commuter Van
  • Hi Ace Super Grandia


  • Previa
  • Prius
  • Alphard


  • Toyota 86

Use Our Simple Online Loan Calculator

Below is our very simple FREE and easy-to-use new Toyota financing mortgage loan calculator. We have also included the different SAMPLE basic computation, prices of new cars and quotations for each unit available this year, 2016 so you know how much to pay for your monthly amortization to the bank or Toyota Financial Services (TFS) whichever will approve your loan application to buy new car from the company.

Vios 1.3 J MT (manual transmission)

SRP: 743K

  • 20% Dp: 75k
  • 5yrs: 14,618
  • 4yrs: 14,701
  • 3yrs: 18,568

Vios 1.3 E AT (automatic transmission)

SRP: 778K

  • 20% Dp: 79k
  • 5yrs: 15,297
  • 4yrs: 18,155
  • 3yrs: 22,929

Vios 1.5 G AT (automatic transmission)

SRP: 880K

  • 20% Dp: 85k
  • 5yrs: 17,302
  • 4yrs: 20,535
  • 3yrs: 25,935

Vios 1.3 E MT (manual transmission)

  • 20% Dp: 98k
  • 5yrs: 15,306
  • 4yrs: 17,338
  • 3yrs: 21,898

Vios 1.5 G MT (manual transmission)

SRP: 845K

  • 20% DP: 85k
  • 5yrs: 16,614
  • 4yrs: 19,719
  • 3yrs: 24,904

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How to Get Freebies, Discounts, All In DP and Low Interest Rate

Buying a new Toyota via car financing is an easy job to accomplish. Granted that you don't know anything about mortgage, loan calculator, low down payment options, all in terms and how to get low interest rate, this post will guide you in a walkthrough. We open up a simple step by step process so you can get assured of a sure approval and get all inclusions that are FREE.

Freebies Included:

  1. 3 Yrs LTO/TPL Registration
  2. 1 Yr Comprehensive Insurance w/ AOG
  3. Chattel Mortgage Fee
  4. 3 Yrs Warranty
  5. Tint (3M quailty)
  6. TOYOTA Genuine Matting (original)
  7. Seat Cover
  8. Rust Proofing /Undercoat
  9. Complete set of basic tools
  10. TOYOTA Umbrella
  11. TOYOTA Key Chain
  12. Fuel
  13. Free Labor For 1st 1K & 5K Change Oil
  14. 10% Discount On Parts & Accessories
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